Is Medical Marijuana Coming To Texas

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Cliff Saunders, iHeartMedia - You’ve been hearing a lot about medical marijuana lately. States have been debating whether to make CBD oil legal. It has been features on CNN. And now Texas lawmakers are doing their best to bring it here.

State Representative Stephanie Klick has filed the Texas Compassionate Use Act, which would make CBD oil legal in Texas. She says the bill has support in the legislature.

“Many say this is an approach that has a low propensity for abuse, and it can help Texas residents suffering from intractable epilepsy,” Klick explained.

Klick says passing her bill just makes sense.

“Other states passed it. We’re up to 13 states that are CBD only, which is like the legislation I filed,” Klick stated.

CBD oil works as an anticonvulsant. Paige Figi wants to make CBD oil legal across the country. She tells KTRH it has works for daughter, Charlotte, whose story has been told by CNN.

“I just thought it was going to make her more comfortable. But it stopped her epilepsy. That was over three years ago,” Figi said. “She didn’t have a seizure for the first seven days after trying the oil. That meant she didn’t have 300 seizures”

And Houstonian Cindy Kerveshal says it could work for her teenage son, Travis.

“It could potentially change his life and who he is and give him a better quality of life. It could help so many other children. It’s all natural. The medications he takes now are almost as debilitating as the seizures in a lot of ways,” Kerveshal explained.

Although the bill has been stuck in committee, Klick tells KTRH she thinks it will get a hearing 'very soon.'