Our Mission

Compassionate Access for Epilepsy Texas (C.A.F.E. Texas) supports the limited use of non-euphoric cannabidiol (CBD) rich oil in Texas for the treatment of severe epilepsy as directed and guided by board certified physicians.   C.A.F.E. Texas provides a voice for many Texans who suffer from severe epilepsy where traditional treatment options as prescribed by their physician have not worked.

Who We Are

C.A.F.E Texas is a project of the Epilepsy Foundation Texas affiliates.  This initiative was launched to support policy changes that will benefit patients and families, especially families with small children who have catastrophic forms of epilepsy.  C.A.F.E. Texas brings together Texans and nonprofit organizations that support the compassionate access and physician-directed therapeutic use of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, to treat epilepsy.

Why is This Important

Despite available treatments, approximately one-third of people living with epilepsy suffer from uncontrolled seizures, which can lead to disability, injury, and even death. People living with uncontrolled seizures have reported beneficial effects, and reduced seizure activity, with the use of CBD oil. Access to CBD oil would be limited to cases where traditional treatment options, as prescribed by their physician, have been unsuccessful.

Texans should have access to this promising treatment option, especially if the patient, the family, and the physician-led medical team believe that this treatment may reduce seizures, and limit the possibility of severe consequences including death and major disability. Existing treatments have real side-effects, both known and unknown, and just as there are risks with any treatment, every day without seizure control is a risk to life.

Some epilepsy patients and especially very young children afflicted with life-threatening forms of epilepsy benefit from the compassionate and medically directed use of CBD.  CBD oil has shown effectiveness in animal studies, and patients in states where CBD oil is legal have reported positive results.

The Texas Legislature Must Take Action to Help People Living with Uncontrolled Epilepsy

CBD oil is an important ray of hope for those who have not found success with current treatments.  C.A.F.E. Texas will continue to work with the legislature until Texans have legal, safe, and reliable access to CBD oil, which will require the controlled, regulated growth of non-psychoactive strains of cannabis for the production and dispensing of CBD oil in Texas.  Comprehensive legislation focused on safety is our top priority and the best way for Texans to get meaningful access to this important treatment. 

Research and Data

More research is vitally important to the C.A.F.E. Texas movement for compassionate access. Currently marijuana is a Schedule I Controlled Substance which has created barriers for scientists and researchers to organize clinical trials.  Advocates have been working to reschedule marijuana to allow for more scientific studies on the impact it can have as a treatment.  Research and Data articles are important when discussing compassionate access and CBD.    For a compilation of research and data articles on the impact of compassionate access click here .

Join the Mission

By joining the mission, you are joining a team of grassroots advocates supporting public policy that helps to foster effective treatment, research, and cures for epilepsy. C.A.F.E. Texas is working to provide a voice for many in Texas with epilepsy who face challenges due to uncontrolled seizures where there are no treatment options.  Here are ways you can help:  

What We've Achieved

  • Legislative awareness in the Texas House and Senate
  • A support base of hundreds of Texas families, organizations, and champions for the cause
  • An alliance with Paige Figi and the Stanley family. The creators (and early adopters) of Charlotte's Web
  • A Draft Bill, which could go before the House in the 2015 session
  • Active research on the validity of the promise of CBD by the local medical community.
  • Over $50,000 in donations and support
  • Your attention (and hopefully your support)